Apollo Park at Vail is managed by KC & Associates.


KC & Associates handles all accounting (assessment collections, paying invoices, banking, taxes, fees, etc.) along with sending HOA communications and providing general oversight.  


Apollo Part at Vail

c/o KC & Associates

PO Box 270487

Littleton, CO 80127





OWNER ACCOUNTING Paige Niss, paige.niss@kchoa.com

APOLLO MANAGEMENT: Kathy Christensen, Kathy.Christensen@kchoa.com

INVOICE PAYMENTS send the invoice to accounting@kchoa.com

UNIT SALES Kathy Christensen, Kathy.Christensen@kchoa.com.

To pay your Association homeowner fees:


1 - Go to kchoa.com (re-type this address into your secure browser)

2 – click on Homeowner Resources

3 – click on Pay My Assessment

            Here you will find a variety of ways to pay your HOA fees.

            Please note that the secure lock box for hard copy checks is not the KC office address.

            An easy way to pay dues is to pay by one-time EFT/ACH.  You do not need to login or register to make a one-time payment.  You do need the Management Company ID (0589), the Apollo Park Association ID (218), and your Resident Account Number (on your invoice).


RENTALS, to rent a unit or place or unit for rent, please contact the Apollo Park at Vail front desk staff

frontdesk@apollopark.net or 970-476-0079