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Apollo Park complies with or surpasses CHLA-34 June 8 2020 cleaning standards.

Personal responsibility will be the key component for success at Apollo Park at Vail, and in Vail. 

Thank you for your understanding.

What to expect in Vail


Colorado sunshine, fresh air, Gore Creek, and the mountains endure. 


The Town has cautiously reopened. 

Locals were hard hit with job and income loss when a tourist from CA was the first to test positive in the State.  The current number one concern now is a reintroduction by tourists visiting from hot-spot states.  While some tourists do not wear a mask in town, you should, where appropriate.  State orders allow a business to refuse admittance to persons not wearing a mask.


Local officials recognize the positive impact our owners have on the town: we go out.  A lot.  Our summer and winter occupancy is high.  Our owners, especially our ski season owners, patronize retailers, bars and restaurants, take in the arts, buy ski passes, and engage in passive and active endeavors.  Local business owners will appreciate your support.


Restaurants are open but may have modified seating, hours, and menus.  Some may require reservations, and some will limit your time at the table.  Restaurants will emphasize take-away service.  Most profitably, restaurants may sell your favorite wine, beer, or special cocktail for take-away under temporary changes to State Law.


The bus is operating.  City Market, trails, retail and bike shops are open, as is our pool.

Be well.

Eagle County and the Town of Vail governments issue a lot of orders, some conflicting, most confusing.  For the latest information and orders, please see: (anonymous exposure notification)     Eagle County Transition Trail Map

March 4, 2020: The first patient in the State to test positive was a tourist from California that arrived in Summit County on 2/29 and skied both Keystone and Vail.  Separately, Aspen then had 10 positive Aussies. Eagle County experienced some of the most intensive spread in the State.

March 15: The ski mountain closed.  Minimal take-away food service is available locally.

March 15: CDPHE issued the following statement: “Anyone who has been in Eagle, Summit, Pitkin or Gunnison counties in the past week should minimize all contact with other people, whether or not they are experiencing symptoms.”

March 25: CDPHE amended public health order 20-24, with includes “F”. “All travel, including, but not limited to, travel by automobile or public transit, expect Necessary Travel is prohibited.”

April 1: CDPHE issued the following: “This is not a vacation; it’s a pandemic. There are still an alarming number of people traveling to our mountain communities, putting themselves and others at risk. Whether you’re a second homeowner or weekend warrior, please stay home. We NEED to protect our mountain communities.”

April 1: Vail Resorts issued the following: “We are furloughing nearly all of our U.S year-round hourly employees as of April 4, 2020, for at least the next one to two months.     … it’s also possible these challenges may force us to materially delay or cancel our upcoming summer season.”

May 8: CO R-naught drops below .5

May 14: Eagle County modifies some restrictions. 

May 15: VD article here recapping the May 14 EC webinar.

May 15: Indications made that further changes for TOV to be issued in May.  (effective May 25)

May 21: VR announces plans to reopen retail, lodging and lifts in late June or early July.

May 23: State of Colorado approves Eagle County moving to fewer restrictions and welcoming non-residents.

May 24: State of Colorado denies Summit County's request.

May 25: Eagle County moves to “Blue” phase.  Limited lodging and dining to open, with restrictions.  Interval / Timeshare / Fractional non-local resident owners are welcome.  Expect 50% restaurant seating, no at-the-bar seating, and do anticipate high demand for expanded patio usage.

May 28: The Head of Colorado Tourism office refuses to answer the question: “are tourists welcome?” 

May 29: public consumption area laws change in Vail.

June 1: CO R0 rises to .98

June 9: Eagle County requests State permission to move to Black Diamond phase on 6/22.

June 18: Vail Resorts announces a July 1 resumption of limited on-mountain activities.  Gondola One operating July 1, Gondola 19 mid-July.  All financial transactions anticipated to be cash-less.

June 19: Colorado releases amended public health order for Safer-at-Home and in the Vast, Great Outdoors

June 22: Vail hotel occupancy restrictions eased.

June 23: Additional restaurants open.

June 30: State order closes bars to in-person service based on evidence from hot-spot states.

June 30: Eagle County raises risk-level to “cautious” following a rise in local cases.

July 1: Gondola One opens.

July 3: Eagle County requires masks indoors and sometimes while outdoors.

July 3: Eagle County moves to Black Diamond phase.

July 7: Bravo!Vail, after announcing a season cancellation in May, announces a new limited return.

July 8: CO R0 rises above 1.0

July 9: Vail Resorts announces that on July 17th, the Eagle Bahn, bike hauls and Forest Flyer begin operations.

July 16: CO R0 rises to 1.78

July 16: “There is potential risk to Coloradans posed by visitors to our State”, including TX & AZ, says State Epidemiologist.

July 17: Statewide mask mandate in effect.

July 17: Eagle county reacts to increased local cases by limiting private and public, indoor and outdoor, gatherings.

July 17: Eagle Bahn, bike hauls and Forest Flyer begin operations.  (Have your contact-less payments ready!)

July 17: Eagle County amends public health order.

August 11: CO R0 drops to 0.67

August 13: Eagle County issues First Addendum amending July 17 public health order.

August 27: Vail Resorts announces updates to Epic passes and an on-mountain reservations process.

September 16: Eagle County announces adoption of State’s dial dashboard risk assessment status tool.

September 22: CO Rt at 1.18

November 4: Eagle County launches new website.

November 6: Vail Resorts reservation system goes live.

November 7: Mandatory mask zone implemented in Vail Village.

November 11: Colorado Rt at 1.17

November 16: Eagle County moves to Orange level (Vail is within Eagle County).

November 16: State of Colorado adds a Level "Purple" to the dial, where the dial setting reflects a county condition.

CO COVID status dial 2020 nov.png

November 20: Vail Mountain opens.

February 5 2021: 2% of Coloradans have received two dosages of vaccine.

February 6: Governor moves State to Dial 2.0, thereby easing restrictions.  Cumulative incidence rate to be based on 7-days, replacing previous two-week standard, and positivity rate can now be up to 15% on updated Orange level.    Orange rate was up to 300 infected per 100K population, now allowable up to 500 infected per 100K population.  Yellow level can be up to 7.5% positivity rate and up to 300 infected per 100K population.  “The virus is still spreading widely, with about four times as many cases as Colorado saw during summer (2020).” – Denver Post 2/6/2021

February 19: Eagle County moves to ‘Yellow’ on Dial 2.0.  “This is not the time to let our guard down,” said Heath Harmon, Director of Eagle County Public Health and Environment. 

March 5: Governor marks one-year anniversary of the first announced case in Colorado.

March 24: State ‘Dial 3.0’ in effect.  Mask mandate remains in place.

March 24: To date, 894,526 fully immunized in Colorado.

April 16: 23.7% of Colorado population fully vaccinated.

April 16: Colorado ends Statewide Dial, turns over issue to the local County.

April 16: EAGLE COUNTY implements new local public health order.  “In summary, the new order continues mask requirements for anyone over the age of two in all public indoor environments; continues requirements that all visitors be free of any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 prior to arrival in Eagle County; continues requirements for people who are sick and for people who have been exposed to someone who is sick; and continues guidance for all businesses within the county.”

April 20: TOV Council rescinds mandatory outdoor mask mandate zone, and will instead rely on Eagle County’s public health orders moving forward.  Masks will continue to be required in all public indoor spaces per Eagle County. In outdoor settings, face coverings are not currently required, unless a person cannot consistently maintain 6 feet of physical distance from non-household members for 15 minutes or longer.

May 14: Most Statewide outdoor mask mandates end; Federal, Education, Business and LOCAL restrictions may still apply.  State also announces all statewide pandemic related health orders will end June 1, including 'any-setting' mask rules.  LOCAL, business, education, healthcare, transportation etc restrictions may still apply.

May 14: Governor announces private businesses may still require staff and customers to wear masks.

May 14: Eagle County lifts all local public COVID health orders effective May 19, 2021.  Rescinding the order removes all local requirements for mask use, gathering and capacity restrictions, and physical distancing.  From the TOV: "Federal regulations still require masks when using public transportation, which includes local transit providers and the Eagle County Airport.  The lifting of local orders allows employers and individuals to establish customized guidelines that will create a safe space to meet their unique circumstances. sure to watch for any remaining mask wearing protocols before entering individual shops and restaurants.”

September 20:  Vail Resorts announces a ski reservation system will not be used for 21/22, and that lifts and gondolas will be loaded at normal capacities.

September 20: Vail Resorts announces face coverings will be required in indoor settings.

September 20: Vail Resorts announces proof of vaccination will be required for most indoor dining. 

December 22: Indoor mask mandate reinstated for Eagle County (this includes Vail), regardless of vaccination status, through January 17, 2022.

December 29: Vail Resorts requires face coverings inside gondolas, and all indoor settings including restaurants, restrooms, retail and rental locations, and on buses. Face coverings are not currently required outdoors or on chairlifts.

January 17, 2022: Indoor mask mandate expires.

Spring/Summer 2022: There are no known local government restrictions.  Businesses may implement conditions as allowed per State order.  Please continue to wear a mask inside the Apollo Park office.

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